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It takes hard work to grow your business and brand, particularly online. To help support your ROI, a continuous blend of strategies is needed for website business growth. The tips we are sharing spread a scope of ideas from SEO to content advertising, all of which can create a market and enable your business to develop.

To kick things of, you need to have a plan in place. Planning is crucial for your business to have clear targets. It also also helps your business measure results. The plan should be flexible to change with the internet landscape. Adjust your plan according to each situation and strategy to increase your chances of website business growth.

Adjusting your plan is important because today’s internet and digital markets landscape is volatile to any business. To be successful in this volatile environment it is crucial for a business to have plenty of options to execute its plan. To help you out we have put together a list of website business growth tips that will assist your business and brand online succeed.

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Website Business Growth Tips

Customer Point of View

– Easier said than done, acting as a client helps you understand how to craft your website. One of the most annoying aspects of a website design is its failure to address fundamental aspects of a customers view of your site. What do they look for on a website? Is your website speed sufficient? Can they clearly see your products, are they able to easily contact your business? A good method of getting customer feedback is use case testing on your current and random clients.

Understand Your Sales Procress

It is absolutely important that you understand how customers purchase products from you offline and online. Understanding this “how” allows you to understand and predict how users will interact with your business online through your website. How do they arrive on your site? What keywords would they use to find you? What influences their decision to do business with you online? To help you solve this puzzle look at your offline sales procress, its mostly the same online but with some modifications.

Local SEO

Make sure you are found online for the right reasons. It is important to update your website and tell search engines the type of content you have on your site. When customers are looking for your business they ought to easily find the pages. Google Webmaster is a good destination for this. Make sure your website is SEO ready or hire an SEO expert to conduct local SEO as the first step. Tell searching engines what information is on your site will in-turn enable users to find exactly what you want them to find. This is tied to your business plan and goals.

Put Landing Pages First

First impression is everything. That is why you need to make sure website visitors can quickly find the information they need to go on to the next step ( conduct business with you ). Landing pages including the homepage, products, services, and contact page as frequently visited. Make sure these landing pages are quick to load, mobile responsive, look great, have accurate vivid information, and offer value to your visitors that initiate the next step.

Guide Visitor Interactions

There are websites designed to look good, and those designed to convert into sales. We imagine you need business growth so both should design and conversion is important. Website design should be able to guide users to get to the information you want them to. For example, the use of clear Calls-to-action, the organization of shorter sentences and pages, the use of a “less is more” approach to content. Remember too much information distracts visitors and doesn’t get them to do what you want them do do. Website business growth relies on your ability to guide them to finish the sales cycle with a good experience online.

Social Media

Depending on your type of business, writing blogs and posting articles on social media is a valuable tool to expand your brand. Website business growth depends on feeding it with visitors from offline or other online channels. If you have set a target for online traffic to your website, social media can provide a boost in numbers. Social media allows you to attract current clients and future ones. Social media also adds value to your website business growth through branding.

In summary, there is no guarantee that these tips will produce immediate results in business growth online. You need to keep testing and trying what works and what doesn’t for your business online. These tips that we share are used by the biggest companies in the world and so should your business.


KOTEBO is a web agency in Shanghai that produces intelligent and compelling experiences for companies that need greater branding online. We are passionate on creating exciting solutions that make digital platforms both easier and practical. Yes, we also design and customize company web hosting solutions for foreign companies in China.

We are a foreign owned China web agency that delivers design ( apps, android, iOS, websites ), coding of web and hybrid apps, wechat solutions through our WeChat manager via JS Bridge and WeChat API, photoshoot and web hosting. KOTEBO also designs for print logos, cards, brochures, hangers, as well as develop web for e-commerce and social networks.

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