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Website slip-ups are common in any industry, however some mistakes hurt more than others. It is essential to know about those issues that will adversely influence your business and web clients. A good website design company ought to be watchful for these basic missteps in website architecture that hurt convenience with the goal that they can abstain from making them, or right them if their webpage happens to have them. As a business you ought to know these mistakes as well because your input influences the website build.

Ease of use is a key component of the site involvement for a website visitor. On the off chance that a visitor experiences considerable difficulties what they need or getting to where they need to be (or you need them to be) then you are passing up a great opportunity for a potential change, which implies less dollars in your pocket by the day’s end.
Web Design Mistakes Hurting Your Business
How about we take a look at some of those basic missteps that hurt ease of use with the goal that you can check whether your site experiences them.

Below are web design mistakes hurting your business with focus on website usability.

The 15 Seconds Load Speed

A slow site is the worst thing that almost every visitor will complain about. While a ten second load speed may have been fine a couple of years back, now that is an unfathomable length of time. Your site should be stacked in 3 seconds or less in the event that you need upbeat clients. On top of that, when you hop between pages on your site individuals expect that same level of speed or just somewhat slower.

Terrible Content Structure

For most websites, substance is a main role individuals visit. They come to pick up something or discover data on a specific theme. In any case, what happens when they can’t on the grounds that it is not effortlessly found? A site structure that is not intelligent or that doesn’t take after regular examples can likewise be befuddling. To wrap things up is the point at which a site doesn’t have an inquiry choice to enable individuals to bounce to where they need to be. Ease of use testing is a critical stride in the outline procedure to guarantee that objective clients can instinctively discover what they need as opposed to somebody making a structure in view of how they think about substance.

Absence of Clear Navigation within the Site

It is off putting when you have pages of valuable data that are not associated with other comparable or imperative zones. Or, then again there can even be situations where clients tail one-way connections and wind up some place not quite the same as they need to be.

Too Much Informational Text

Most clients sweep site pages, they don’t read them like a book. At KOTEBO we get many clients who write bibles of content, our work is to cut this clutter. This is probably one of the worst web design mistakes on our list. The correct utilization of headers, clear spacing, short paragraphs is enough to get your point across. Little sections, strong or italics on vital keywords, bulleted lists and so forth are all techniques that ought to be used to help users quickly find the information they need more quickly.

Hidden Pages or Unclear Links

Some designers get a kick out of the chance to showcase their design expertise. Designers can get caught up in crafting something visually appealing and creative but not very useful to visitors. While it may look pleasant, it may also hinder a business from converting visitors into clients online. Calls-to-actions and navigation buttons should always standout so visitors don’t need to guess where next to go.

The bottom line is these web design mistakes waste the time of your online potential clients. A good web design will have an excellent build for usability for your customers. Such web design mistakes don’t only hurt usability, you miss-communicate, lower conversions and ultimately impact your brand performance.


KOTEBO is a web agency in Shanghai that produces intelligent and compelling experiences for companies that need greater branding online. We are passionate on creating exciting solutions that make digital platforms both easier and practical. Yes, we also design and customize company web hosting solutions for foreign companies in China.

We are a foreign owned China web agency that delivers design ( apps, android, iOS, web ), coding of web and hybrid apps, wechat solutions through our WeChat manager via JS Bridge and WeChat API, photoshoot and web hosting. KOTEBO also designs for print logos, cards, brochures, hangers, as well as develop web for e-commerce and social networks.

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