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There are basic web design misconceptions that one has to be privy to in the event that they have an online business or web presence. Misconceptions exist anywhere from commons ones like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster to lesser recognized myths that permeate numerous industries. web development companies are regularly aware of maximum of those myths and even as professional organizations make certain to steer you away from them, others might use them to rather take advantage of a customer or a minimum of go away them misinformed.

How can those web design misconceptions harm your business? after all Bigfoot sightings appear harmless enough. the answer lies in the potential loss of earnings. every fable a commercial enterprise would possibly believe is true can fee you within the form of conversions, and that is by no means a terrific element.

So lets go over a number of the web design misconceptions each person ought to be aware about which can be still floating around the internet even on this age that we live in.

Below are web design web design misconceptions hurting your website

An amazing looking web design is all that matters

Looking good is not simply not good enough. There are plenty of awesome looking web designed sites online. In fact, your customers expect this as a standard. A web design and site needs to first and most important resolve a need for customers. As an example, while Amazon does have a pleasant web designed web site it is the functionality, consumer interface and useful products it sells that makes it a global hit. Customers come to your website or app to find products that they need. Your design needs to help them find these products and convince them to buy.

No need to have Social media buttons

This is only true if you dont don’t plan on doing any advertising and marketing and forget about the usage of social media for business. Social media is an vital way to not only connect to customers but also grow your traffic. Having a simple one-click option for customers to connect with your social media connection can generally help add site traffic. There are millions of people on social media, you can definitely not ignore them.

If i like it, anybody will

This is a painful truth that all us learn the hard way; just because you want some thing that doesn’t imply your clients will. Too many business owners allow their ego dictate the selection things from a business name to designing a website. For example , a web design ought to be designed round what your target clients want and then gratifying their needs in a manner feasible for them. This means your customers are kings. You ought to be crafting your site around their likes and dislikes despite the fact that those are opposite of what you like.

I dont need a mobile friendly site

Smartphones and drugs are anywhere in your country and globally. Meaning a first rate percentage of your target customers will try and get admission to your website from a their mobile device. Do you really need to lose business due to the fact you aren’t offering them an awesome mobile site to enjoy at the same time as your competitors are? Google search considers the mobile friendliness of a site as a part of the general indexing / ranking. Better mobile, better website traffic.

A cheap website is sufficient

Sufficient enough for what? Sure, cheap template web sites and a good catch, to beginner level companies and small personal businesses. Template websites also have plenty of downsides. The most essential element lacking is lacking support and company image. Remember if you got it cheaply made so can your competitors. If you got it cheaply made your customers will think your a cheap business. If you got it cheaply made your customers will value your service or product as cheap. So cheap website translates to little revenue. A template-based website tells customers is that you are simply another template-based business that shouldn’t be trusted.

Website maintenance is a waste of money

Change is an inevitable part of life. Your business change but also your generation of customers. Preferably you should update your web page every year or 2. This is to allow you to take advantage of technology innovations online. Your customers will think you have given up on your business is your website looks old. Besides your competitor is probably updating their site every other month with changes according to the business environment. Do you want your business to get left out?

In summary, misconceptions exist about what a website is designed to do. A handful of people see them easily for what they really are while at the same time as others buy in to them. In today’s business world where online good branding is expected, its simply be dangerous if you agree with misconceptions we mentioned here. Your competition can easily be generating higher revenues through their website even though your product is of better quality. If people don’t see your business for the value it is, then its bound to fail.


KOTEBO is a web agency in Shanghai that produces intelligent and compelling experiences for companies that need greater branding online. We are passionate on creating exciting solutions that make digital platforms both easier and practical. Yes, we also design and customize company web hosting solutions for foreign companies in China.

We are a foreign owned China web agency that delivers design ( apps, android, iOS, websites ), coding of web and hybrid apps, wechat solutions through our WeChat manager via JS Bridge and WeChat API, photoshoot and web hosting. KOTEBO also designs for print logos, cards, brochures, hangers, as well as develop web for e-commerce and social networks.

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