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A good stock image is hard to find. This is why it is always better to shoot your own photos. However you can get by with stock if you lack time, budget or resources.
For global websites there are plenty of stock images, like our favorite iStockphotos.

For China website development there is very little modern stock photography with local faces. Most of the time we do photoshoots. However recently we had a case where the client wasn’t able to shoot. The latter motivated us to write this article.

Lets tell you how to find good stock images for China website design in the tips below.

1. No photo filters

Stock images with filters clash with your visual identity

To any professional photographer the use of filters usually means there is a flaw being disguised. Filters also lower image quality by adding unintended noise. Filtered images are great on instagram but not on a professional company website. You can get away with filter images on the website blog but not the main page. If you use filtered photos, find ones where the filters are used to add clarity to the main subject ( photos with blurs for examples ).

2. Pricey Is Better

Good photos cost

There is nothing worse than getting something for free from an artist. Quality photos take years of technical expertise to produce. Quality photos need investment in expensive equipment and lots of hours of editing. What makes you think getting them free means they are any good? If you are serious about your brand you will shoot your photos and hire the right team for it. Going the stock route think the same manner, price is directly related to quality. Free stock images are produced as stock. They are mimics of other stock images, avoid them.

3. Size Matters

Edited photos for web are a must

Stock image providers provide you with multiple image choices. To reduce your costs, better pick an edited image verses a raw image. Pay close attention to the file size of the image you choose. Images online should be small enough in size to be downloaded on non-wifi hooked mobile devices. 150Kb is the best spot. This is probably our best advise for good Stock Images for China website design.

4. Unique Images Only

Images with substance

Professional photographers will tell a story with their images. The problem with many stock images are they re-shoot the same uninspiring moments. Remember the photographer is out to make money from you, its not their art. If it looks like a stock image to you, it will look like a stock image to everyone else—even if they don’t know what stock is. Choose stock images that are less popular and if possible edit them.


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