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When a city is trying to host a world-class event, it needs a world-class website. This clean and creative website is modern proof that in 2016, video and more content driven UX are pillars. Pillars that create an ever lasting impression on the web visitor of what to expect.

website-design-shanghai-feb-22 KOTEBO China Creative Website of the Los Angeles Olympics 2024 – Web Design Inspiration Website Example by KOTEBO Web Agency of Shanghai China

Here is our impressions of the website

Loading Page Animation ( Like )
First impressions matter. We like how the site opens up with a very subtle animation that transforms into the logo. Its very clear from this moment how much time was put into this craftsmanship ( not to mention how much money ).

Captivating Intro Video ( Like )
A very impressive and well put together video opens the site. It clearly communicates the message behind this entire website and engages the user. The call to action with the scroll arrow clearly tells us what to do next…brilliantly clean and functional.

Awesome UX (Like)
When navigating the site most content is reveled by hovering over areas. This saves a lot of clicks and time needed to find information by enabling faster switching to intended content. There is also plenty of consistency in the UX animations leaving a very easy to learn and adapt navigation scheme for a web visitor.

Website Load Speed ( DisLike )
With all these animations and use of “heavy” media such as videos, we can only imagine that the site would load slower in countries or areas not on 3G or fiber. They will specially be true on mobile devices and tablets.



Content (Great)


Content (Great)


Content (Great)


Content (Great)


KOTEBO is a web agency in Shanghai that produces intelligent and compelling experiences for companies that need greater branding online. We are passionate on creating exciting solutions that make digital platforms both easier and practical.

We are a foreign owned China web agency that delivers design ( apps, android, iOS, web ), coding of web and hybrid apps, wechat solutions through our WeChat manager via JS Bridge and WeChat API, photoshoot and web hosting. KOTEBO also designs for print logos, cards, brochures, hangers, as well as develop web for e-commerce and social networks.

Accredited on CreativeHunt, a leading community for the best in web agencies in Shanghai since 2011.

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