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When it comes to web hosting and server setups, nowadays you are spoiled with choices. It feels like a commodity. Most web hosting companies allow you to choose a package and get setup within hours. To the regular folk who get sold by the “great value” deals it is easy to make decisions that can harm your business and brand.

Web hosting is like the human body. It has a lot of complicated parts. They need a proper care taker to make sure the server is working properly to deliver high quality, uninterrupted service. Choosing a low cost host 9/10 times is never a good choice for a business that is serious about making money online.

To help you see past all the confusing sales noise online and tech lingo, lets look at five basic factors you should consider before choosing a web hosting provider.

1. Website load speeds

Faster is Better

Slow websites are the number 1 reason why visitors quickly leave sites. Faster loading websites offer a better user experience than slow ones. Put simply, people hate waiting for a page to load. Do a simple website speed test of other websites hosted on your prospective server host using online tools such as the Google Speed Test.

2. Is is Shared or Private?

Shared No Good

If your host is offering a low cost plan with a lot of disk space and bandwidth then I am sorry to say but you’re not alone on that server. No business likes to share its space. Shared servers means you share performance, there are security risks and down times. Remember, a private server will without a doubt out perform a shared server and is much more safer.

3. Server Location

Closer To Your Target Market

Does the server host offer services specific to your target market? Do they have server instances that cover that region? If you plan to sell to China then you should engage a web hosting company for China. Hosting in China is WAY faster than hosting in Hong Kong or Singapore. This is especially true if you have a mobile site as users use local GPRS / 3G / 4G which in China is slow, and for a site hosted in Hong Kong would be worse. Take for example our own KOTEBO.COM website, we have video on their, and a lot of effects, they load under 7 seconds because we are hosted in China.

4. Customer Support

Company Web Hosting Needs A Doctor

There is no server that meets 100% up time. Even Microsoft’s company website goes down for a few seconds of maintenance. Microsoft is pay millions for company web hosting. You can’t afford this but your web hosting company should offer rapid support during service outage. Does the web hosting offer live chat as well as ticketing system? How in-depth is their FAQ? Your web hosting service will break and you will need their support to be god-like in fixes and most importantly accurate answers.

5. Server Software

Newer Is Better

Nothing is worse than having your web developer tell you that your server software is too old to support the site. Most web hosting companies get lazy from time to time. They forget upgrading their software. This can mean security holes, performance drains, limitations for your business needs online. Here you will need an web server friend to double check if your host supports the latest software.


KOTEBO is a web agency in Shanghai that produces intelligent and compelling experiences for companies that need greater branding online. We are passionate on creating exciting solutions that make digital platforms both easier and practical. Yes, we also design and customize company web hosting solutions for foreign companies in China.

We are a foreign owned China web agency that delivers design ( apps, android, iOS, web ), coding of web and hybrid apps, wechat solutions through our WeChat manager via JS Bridge and WeChat API, photoshoot and web hosting. KOTEBO also designs for print logos, cards, brochures, hangers, as well as develop web for e-commerce and social networks.

Accredited on CreativeHunt, a leading community for the best in web agencies in Shanghai since 2011.

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