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One of our favorite Chinese file sharing apps, just got their website updated. Behind all the glamor of cool things that the app can do, becoming a leading file sharing website in China and looking this good deserves a mention on our blog.

kotebo-website-design-china-week-four China Website Design February 2016 Week 4: – Web Design Inspiration Website Example by KOTEBO Web Agency of Shanghai China

Here is our impressions of the updated website

Easier and Faster Login ( Like )
QR codes do a marvelous job of making it easier and secure to log into websites. Point and scan, less than one minute ( no typing ). The new homepage of uses QR codes to allow the user to quickly get to the dashboard. Mobile focus is the reason why make it on our China Website Design February article.

Cleaner UX / UI ( Like )
We see less clutter on the site. Less clutter and UI icons means more content focus. Gone are a few of the redundant UI elements that were distracting users. Now its easier to find where to upload, download, and sync your files. Good web design indeed.

Removal of useful functions ( DisLike )
Some of the more functional uses that were previously present are gone. For example, syncing with the Mac, access to download other system apps. Its almost of as if the team has been downsized and they are disconnecting useful services.

VI Mismatch ( DisLike )
A lot of the website core colors are calm and humble. However, with the update there have been clashing colors introduced such as bright red, purple,…instead of using calmer versions of such colors. This makes some pages look distracting to the viewer.



Content (Great)


Content (Great)


Content (Great)


Content (Great)


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