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Recently the China government has changed some of the business license rules and has merged three types of licenses into a single one. This has resulted the ICP license system getting overhauled as well.


In order to keep your China hosted website from getting shut down the government has issued notifications to all businesses with websites hosted in mainland China to submit updated documents. Failure in doing so may result in your website getting suspended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Extend your business to China online without a Chinese business license , contact us for details.

Final approval from the PSB Filing (Public Security Bureau) is a mandatory procedure for all ICP license applications. You will need to submit a PSB application after an ICP Filing or Commercial ICP License application, within 30 days of your website going live.

China Server Application Documents 2016

The documents that you will need your business to prepare include the following:

1. New company license (三证合一)
2. Legal Person identity document (Chinese ID card/Oversea passport)
3. Contact person ID card (must be Chinese national), two sides required
4. 责任书 (scanned copy, we will send you the document to sign)
5. 核验单 (scanned copy, we will send you the document to sign)
6. Your ICP registration password

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